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This role is with the ARRISE group powering Pragmatic Play.
Position: CCTV Specialist
The CCTV Specialist is responsible for ensuring all CCTV cameras and systems are fully operational, maintained, and properly monitored, coordinating with both internal and external stakeholders to address any issues promptly and effectively. They manage the operations control room, perform routine maintenance, and provide training and support to CCTV operators, ensuring 24/7 emergency response readiness.
  • Responsible for providing internal communication with the operations control room to ensure that all cameras are working properly and external communication with relevant agencies on CCTV matters.
  • Ensure that the operations control room is managed and that technical equipment there and elsewhere is properly maintained; supplies, services, repairs, and maintenance are purchased.
  • Responsible for checking daily the status of the cameras (clean from dust and dirt, properly working, recording data without being stopped).
  • Ensure all cameras are connected to the system and identified on the application used (AXIS Camera Station, Milestone, Hikvision or any other VMS application used).
  • Responsible for solving any problems that appear during monitoring CCTV cameras and systems.
  • Responsible for implementing any required modification.
  • Install, secure, and fully administrate Milestone, AXIS Camera Station, or other VMS applications.
  • Monitor and repair CCTV applications and related services.
  • Perform routine CCTV maintenance services according to the preventive maintenance master plan.
  • Train CCTV operators on its functions and provide manuals and procedures when needed.
  • Pro-actively monitor the performance, quality, and reliability of the services.
  • Constant coordination with the Network and Storage team to ensure that all connections and data security are regularly checked.
  • Install all clients’ desktops and make sure the CCTV client software is running well.
  • Ensure there is appropriate 24/7 emergency response to CCTV failures.
  • Process CCTV Work Requests.
  • Be on-call for emergency off-hours work.
  • Electrical or Instrumentation/Control System Engineering.
  • Knowledge of CCTV systems.
  • Knowledge of relevant software.
  • Experience in the same field, and projects which include complete installation and configuration.
  • Expert in CCTV systems troubleshooting.
  • Experience in Windows Server and Linux.
  • Experience in Milestone or any other applications is preferred.
  • Experience in storage systems SAN, NAS, and DAS is preferred.
  • Working knowledge of LAN administration tasks (user administration, back-ups).
  • Experience in hardware servers and storage: HP, Dell, EMC, and Blade is preferred.
  • Working knowledge of TCP/IP.

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